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Below are a selection of emails and messages we have received since setting up the website. There are also a lot more stories in the Facebook group.


I remember this Gentleman speaking with my Grandad in the '70s (Grandad died when I was 21 and I'm 55 next week) I have seen him many times, Leeds and Halifax as well as Bradford and he has always waved and smiled. I have wondered for many years who this man is as he never looks any older. He is amazing. Hope he carries on walking for many years to come. I am so glad that I have some answers to my questions with your web-site.

Sue (May 2013)

I lived on Keighley Road near Manningham Park in the 60s. I remember the Jesus Man from about 1966 when I was eight. My mum always spoke to him. The most amazing thing is, he looked middle-aged back then, and that was 47 years ago. He doesnt look so different now. Whatever he has been doing it has been good for him. Top bloke, great to see him getting the recognition he deserves.

Ian (May 2013)

I was born and raised in Bradford in the 1950's and like a lot of people I have fond memories of the guy who walked about and waved at everyone. We later found out his name was Geoffrey Brindle and I remember my mother telling me he'd been either arrested or cautioned by the police for causing a breach of the peace outside the old Top Rank bingo club (the Old Gaumont cinema for those who are as old as me and remember). He once walked past our house on Legrams lane and my younger brother who was only about eight walked up to Lidget Green talking to him (you could do that then). I remember having heard that Nike or some other sports shoe brand had tried to get him to wear their trainers!? The jogging Jesus doesn't sound right and I'm glad to say that the last time I saw him he was back in the Sandle Iwas surprised to see the comment that he\'d died. I travel through Bradford regularly and I'm sure I've seen him since then. I hope he's still around for many years to come .

Pete (February 2013)

Geoff was a old friend of my late grandfather. I remember one rainy day standing at the bus stop in Bingley, when Geoff came walking past, wet through to the skin. I said hello and asked if he knew my grandfather to which he said yes he did. I invited him home for dinner to which he said yes. He his a charming and very polite and of course interesting man. Bradford is a better place with men like him around.

Nicky (July 2012)

This guy alongside Polish Anna brings back fond memories about growing up in Bradford. Saw him about a year ago and I think I've aged more than he has, when i saw him he's still looking as fit and healthy as ever! Utmost respect to the guy

Martin (February 2012)

Brilliant! Came across the site by accident and cannot believe the way it lifted my day - born and raised in Bradford in the 70's and 80's, Jesus man was a part of our lives and is remembered with extreme fondness. My Mother used to tell me that he came to our neighbour's house in Queensbury once a week for his lunch and that he had a series of such "friendly" places around the area where he would get fed (there was even suggestion that he got more than food from the single lady, but not sure if this was just my Mother joking!).I cannot believe he is still going, he must be well into his 80's or even 90's by now. God bless him.

Bob (September 2011)

I remember Geoff Brindley well. I worked with him at the International Harvester plant at Five Lane Ends. If I remember correctly, he came into work one morning and said he had had a message from god about the world coming to an end. He was one of the chosen few who would be saved, but he had to leave work at dinner time and go to some place out near the Cow and Calf rocks to be saved. The strange thing about all of this, was that he had never been a religious man (anything but). Anyway the foreman told him he couldn't have a gate pass but Geoff said he was going with or without the gate pass. He clocked off at dinner time and it was quite a long time before I saw him again. I could not believe it when I saw him dressed in his blanket and sandals, walking along Union Street and saying hello to every single person who passed him by. I also seem to remember him falling foul of the law on a number of occasions in the 60's for standing outside Bingo Halls and preaching the evils of gambling. In 1970, I left Bradford and came to live in Sydney, Australia. I'm amazed that he is still doing his rounds at the age of 84 and I would like to add my vote to the quest to have him elected as a Torch Bearer for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Good luck Geoff.

Ken (July 2011)

Does he have any children, and does anyboody know how old he actually is? When I saw him he was looking really frail and looked at least very late 80s or early 90s. Bless him, I'm 45 and I remember seeing him when i was about 11 in Holmewood but have seen him in quite alot of different areas. I think he should have some sort of award for all the walking he's done; He must have done some millage. I wonder if it was possible for anybody to calculate what he has actualy done? He deserves a medal just for that.

Josephine (July 2011)

Jesus man's real name is Jeffrey Brindley - my sister did an essay about him whilst teacher training in the '60's.

Mark (July 2011)

I noted one of my relatives spotted "Geoffrey the Jesus Man" this week. If it is the same one I used to see -before migrating to Australia 35 years ago- he must be in his 80's by now!!!

Janet (April 2011)

I first saw the bradford jesus man nearly 40 years ago on sticer Lane, does anyone know how long he's been walking?

Lucas (March 2011)

Hi, Just a quick line. I'm from Bradford (originally Fairweather Green, and later Holmewood and West Bowling). Haven't lived there since the '70's though. He was a regular figure way back into the '60's and I remember his name being Geoffrey Brindley (or it could be Jeffrey). There was a report in the Telegraph & Argus about him if I remember correctly. I did speak to him once, but he didn't have anything of any significance to say. A bit Forrest Gump, you know! Anyway, hope this bit of background is of interest. Regards,

Bill (February 2011)

Hey, Just wanted to send you a quick email to say... NICE ONE!!! My mum & dad used to have the "Junction Hotel" pub in BD2, and we used to see Jeff a lot... such a fond memory. Saw him last year when I was driving through Bradford with my son, and tried to explain the magic. May your web site last long, and thanks for spreading such happiness! Cheers!

Paul (January 2011)

Excellent site - I remember him from (me) being a child in Baildon; at least 30 yrs ago

Giles (January 2011)