Privacy Statement

Regarding Bradford Jesus Man's Privacy & Security:

  • There are no GPS taggers on the BJM nor is he actively tracked - we simply record sightings of him in public places (the same as the many Facebook groups)
  • Sightings will not be shown on the website until a minimum of 30 minutes after he was seen (if you saw him an hour ago it will show on the map, if you saw him 5 minutes ago then it will show on the map after another 25 minutes)
  • The website is a bit of fun, it is intended to be used as such and anyone who decides to stalk the BJM using the data from the website is a mental and has nothing to do with us


Regarding your information:

  • When submitting a sighting we record the following 'personal' information:
    • Your 'name' (technically this isn't personal information as it doesn't need to identify you, it's just the name you want showing on the map - you are welcome to leave it blank)
    • Your email address (so you can contact us to make amendments to your submission)
    • Your IP address (so we can block any mentals if required)
  • We will never sell or distribute your email address. It is for reference only.
  • Should we decide to start an email mailing list then we may use submitted email addresses once to alert you of the service but the mailing list service will be a double opt-in system and submitting a sighting will not automatically add you to this list.