About BradfordJesusMan.co.uk

In October 2010 I saw the Bradford Jesus Man for the first time in a long time. It got me thinking, 'How long ago was it since I'd seen him? Where was the last place I saw him? Where was the last place anyone had seen him? And why was I telling my 5 year old son to wave at a stranger from the back of our car?!'


It was then that the website was born, I wanted an easy way to log sightings of this so-called Mad Monk (rumoured to be called Geoff or Jeff Real name 'Geoffrey Brindley' [according to Mark Bokowiek's sister who did an essay on him in the 60's]) in and around his home town of Bradford (apparently he lives in Lower Baildon and used to work in Idle at International Harvester). I also figured I should be nice and open up the site to everybody to log their sightings and, so, here we are! NB: For a full potted history of Mr Brindley please see the video below.


Welcome to BradfordJesusMan.co.uk! Feel free to browse the map to see where he's been and also report your own sightings. If you have any comments or suggestions about the site or want more information on advertising your local business then contact me and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.


And, finally, rather than create yet another Facebook group for photos and discussion I thought it'd be better to tag onto one of the existing ones here: Jesus Man, Where Is He Now?


Enjoy and God bless (or 'May The Force Be With You' depending on your religious inclination).