Advertise to a Few Thousand LOCAL Visitors! is run as a hobby, a bit of fun. However it does cost money - hosting, domain names, bandwidth etc. As such we offer advertising space to local (Bradford / Halifax / Leeds / Shipley) businesses. The beauty of it being that nearly all the visitors are local people - I mean, people in London really have no idea who the BJM is and so they tend not to visit the website.


Because we're not looking to rake in a fortune we are also keeping the prices cheap. Prices can be as little as £5 a month with an annual agreement. See the table below for more details.


What's more, we will also help your advert by guaranteeing exclusivity - if you are a builder then there will not be any other builders adverts running at the same time. If you opt for a twelve month run then you can still update or change your advert throughout that period for a small, one-off, charge. Paid adverts from local businesses will ALWAYS take priority over the Google adverts - to the point where if there are enough of you then the Google ad's will be removed.


In an average month we have around 1,500 unique visitors each month but 'special occasions' bring in much more. In 2011 during the campaign to get the BJM as an Olympic Torch Bearer we were getting 1,000 unique visitors per day and rumours of his death in April 2012 brought in 15,000 unique visitors. And remember, while these are lower than some websites you may have been offered advertising space on, this is a local interest site so you would be targeting your market.


Example Dimensions 1 month 12 months Change of image
120 x 120 £10 £60 £5
120 x 250 £20 £120 £5


If any of this takes your fancy or you have any questions to ask then please contact us and we will get back to you straight away.



The small print...

  • Adverts are displayed at the discretion of
  • No similar adverts will run at the same time e.g. only one builder at a time
  • We do not specifically endorse any advertisement but if we receive complaints about an advertiser then we reserve the right to suspend the advert with no refund
  • Only companies local to Bradford will be considered for the advertising space - we will check beforehand!
  • Adverts will not be shown until full payment has been received
  • If you wish to change the image for the advert then there will be a £5 charge for processing the required changes
  • Adverts can be in animated gif format or any static image format (jpg, jpeg, gif, png)
  • We can, on request, provide a breakdown of the number of clicks the advert has received