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Mr Geoffrey Brindley (AKA The Bradford Jesus Man) passed away on 24th August 2015, aged 88. Over the years, and across many generations, he has always provided a smile to the people of Bradford and it's surrounding area. While we never got him carrying the 2012 Olympic Torch he was still a true legend and an icon for Bradford. We will all have different and fond memories of him and you can share them here for others to read.


Rest in Peace Mr Brindley (1927-2015).


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Thank you Mr Brindley for being an inspiration and example to us all. I remember waving to you on my way to school as a small child. I am now 32 and whenever I have difficulty with my faith, I think of you. I am sorry you will never read this but I am sure you are with us all in spirit. Rest in peace.

Richard Rowley from Dewsbury (28 Feb 2018, 1.22am)

I moved away when I was 11 but growing up going to school he would walk past my house and school and I would see him everywhere we got told he lived in a cave and gave everything he had to the poor . He was so kind and waved to us all the time and when I found out he died my heart sank I couldn’t believe it someone I saw everyday so many kid memories and looking back he will never be forgotten and I will forever remember the Bradford Jesus man R.I.P we all loved you

Emily from Widnes (10 Dec 2017, 2.56pm)

Fond memories seeing you walk the streets of Bradford waving to people

Chris Diggle from Bristol (15 Apr 2017, 10.03am)

I have never forgotten Geoffrey although I never knew his name. We used to see him on Manningham Lane when walking into town afterschool. He always saved and smiled. He is at peace with his Lord.

Jan Abbey from Salisbury (13 Feb 2017, 11.28am)

A Truly amazing man with an amazing smile. I have seen him a couple of times since the 90's up untill recently before his death. I always felt he was special in some spiritual way and he was a true monk of noble chracter. Rest in peace for sure your years of long walking has ended at Gods throne. You have found what you were searching for all these years inner peace and connection with your creator whos taken you into his gardens of heaven for eternity. RIP

Asif from Bradford (8 Jan 2017, 1.55am)

I was at Primary School when I first saw "The Jesus Man". As the years rolled by into decades it was always nice to catch a glimpse of him and in return he gave a big smile and a wave. A sad loss and he will be missed in many ways.

Diana from Bradford (4 Dec 2016, 8.55pm)

RIP to a man who never asked for anything in life, a man who wouldn't assume or judge anything a man who made people he had never even spoken to feel happy by his inner smile and positive vibes! If Bradford ever had a saint Mr Brindley would be that man!

Nicholas Kershaw OBE from Wakefield (29 Sep 2016, 12.46am)

He once stopped me and a friend when we were young and told us off for stealing conkers from the grave yard on tong street. He showed us a bigger tree over the road on public land i believe 😀 and the obligatory smile and wave of course in city centre

Dan cahill from Bradford (originally) (20 May 2016, 9.30am)

I remember him from when I was a little boy and when I lived in Bradford . He was a great man and I bet sadly missed from Chris in morecambe

Chris mount from Bradford (12 Feb 2016, 9.14pm)

I remember him from my childhood many years ago. He obce walkef up the street chatting with my 8 year old brother. Imagine my surprise when the guy he used to lodge with asked me and my partner's cleaning company to clean out his box bedroom (hermitage as he called it).

Pete Laffan from Bradford (4 Jan 2016, 8.57pm)

Never forgotten.

Jim Davies from Bradford (31 Dec 2015, 2.53am)

He used to pass the garage where I worked and always paused until I looked, then he would wave. Lovely man.

Derek Millington from Livers edge (21 Dec 2015, 9.42am)

Rest in peace I used to wave to you all around Bradgord

Wamid Al shabib from Perth (12 Dec 2015, 12.22am)

truly inspiring. rest in peace, geoffrey <3

S from Bradford (8 Dec 2015, 3.17pm)

I first saw 'Jesus Man' walking past my school, Bingley Grammar in March 1969. He stopped to talk and gave us all a wave. His smile was uplifting, even to those so young. He was like a modern day disciple or apostle. God bless him. RIP.

Derek Parsons from Stratford upon Avon (15 Oct 2015, 9.32am)

A rare soul. Spent a minute or so chatting to this fella in the cathedral garden once. Kept promising myself I would re-visit the city just to see if I could hear some of his insight to life again. Think he knew more than most of us will ever know

Dave Cave from Birmingham (14 Oct 2015, 9.16pm)

Geoffrey, those who give as much as you have given with your insurmountable smiles. waves and friendly chats will in turn receive rewards. Your reward was peace and happiness in your. life. RIP

Marie from Shipley (13 Oct 2015, 11.37pm)

Geoffrey, I feel have know you all my life and today I feel so sad because I had promised myself that the next time I saw you I would stop and speak to you. I hope that finally you have found what you were looking for. Love and peace X

Kevin Jones from Mirfield (13 Oct 2015, 7.25pm)

He was so sweet,kind and very Winsome ... i miss him so much :(

ihsan ali from bradford (7 Oct 2015, 11.21pm)

RIP Geoffrey You were truly a legend

Jake from Bradford (7 Oct 2015, 7.21pm)

The world was a better place for having you in it and you will be within our hearts and memories. God knows how you did it all those years...I wish I did. You are a man to be admired, respected and loved. Don't let the memories of him fade...please let's have that statue (one showing his beautiful, kind and contagious smile) and let him be remembered for the truly wonderful man he was.

Ellie from Bradford (3 Oct 2015, 3.58pm)

Rip sir. A great loss to the Bradford community. Condolence goes out to all close family and friends of the Bradford jesus. You will truly be missed.

Mohammed khan from Bradford (29 Sep 2015, 1.49am)

I lived in Bradford for the first 40 years of my life and 'the hermit' as he was known to us, was a constant source of pleasure throughout all of that time. Sometimes I might see him three or four times in a six month period and then not see him again for a couple of years. Every time I saw him he had a smile and wave and he never seemed to get any older.RIP 'jesus man'.

Burnie from Leeds (22 Sep 2015, 7.48pm)

I REMEMBER seeing you as a child and admired what you had become, a vampire, living in a cave and coming out in the dead of night to prowl on unsuspecting victims...I now know your not immortal your not jesus but a man, a wanderer, searching for an answer..RIP ,IK Jesus were ever present in our lives and a touchstone of home and of Bradford. Now its time to rest and sleep. In my thoughts...AK Inspiration. Non conforming. Genuine. Giving. LAK

Isa and aisha and Ali from London (20 Sep 2015, 6.04pm)

You are a true legend of the Bradford community. May your soul rest in peace. A great loss to the community you are missed by many.

khan from Bradford (19 Sep 2015, 8.50pm)

Have fun walking around up there, will see you again one day!

Tim from Shipley (16 Sep 2015, 9.35pm)

You shall not be forgotten peace with you... and where ever you have gone keep on walking smiling and waving

harney from Shipley (7 Sep 2015, 1.09am)

I have been seeing him on his walks since 1968 at least when I was a teenager He always had a lovely smile on his face, and he always gave a wave. He will be sadly missed around the area - he visited Keighley very often...

benny from Bradford (5 Sep 2015, 7.24pm)

RIP To a Man who has been part of my life forever even as asmall child I would see walking in Queensbury/Shelf/Bradford.Always smiling and a wave for everyone. He followed a path he al;one believed in and seemed very happy on that path xx

julie whiteley from halifax (4 Sep 2015, 10.18pm)

Such a shame r.i.p u beautiful man u was a kind man always ad a smile n a nice lil wave to public people ..god bless u will be sadly missed my love xx

Sally atkinson from Bradford (4 Sep 2015, 12.52pm)

I used to see this gentleman when I worked at Shipley library where he would come to read the papers. I never plucked up courage to speak to him to ask if he was a monk. Very sad to hear of his death and amazed at his good age. RIP Mr Brindley.

Irene Double from Keighley (2 Sep 2015, 8.36am)

First saw him passing our school in the early 70's. Always hoped I would see him when I returned to my home town for a visit. Unfortunately I never did. Sad to know that I will never get the chance again. A true Gent, a true legend.

Neil Wood from Zug Switzerland (1 Sep 2015, 10.10pm)

I remember first seeing this happy, smiling, gentleman passing the house where I grew up in Drighlington in the early 1960's. I saw him many times over the years and like many, wondered about his life and his welfare. I finally had the opportunity to speak to him in Shipley about 5 years ago, and give him a small amount of money. He made many people, myself included, feel better about themselves in this hectic rat-race we live in; we should all learn from him, and relish the simple pleasures in life. I am pleased that ' good old ' Bradford Royal ( where I trained in the 1970's ) looked after him in his final days. Rest in Peace.

Richard Foster from Bratfut (1 Sep 2015, 11.44am)

I have just read of Mr Brindleys death .. so sad!! I remember him from my childhood (am now 60). He used to work with my father at BRS until he started his wanderings. Out in all weathers but always a smile and a wave RIP.

Heather Caird from Southport (31 Aug 2015, 10.20pm)

RIP. i remember him walking around Halifax with a smile on his face and a wave to everyone. He will be missed xx

Denise from Halifax (31 Aug 2015, 5.47pm)

Got the chance to speak to you a few times and what a lovely man you where, just that little smile and polite wave made the difference and you'll be missed by so many, now your walks over.. You can finally sit back and relax in heaven with the other angels x

vicky davis from bradford (31 Aug 2015, 8.52am)

First saw this gentleman 25 years ago when I moved to Yorkshire, and soon found out that he was a local legend, known to generations of people. Always brightened your day to see him, he will be missed RIP

Ian Bond from Shipley (30 Aug 2015, 8.53am)

R.I.P You legend.

Luke Johnson from Bradford (29 Aug 2015, 9.30pm)

I have just seen the news headlines about Mr Brindley's death. I had no idea who he was until now, a sad way to have found out. Whilst living alongside the Haworth Road in Cross Roads our family often saw him walking merrily along. On a number of occasions he passed by as I was practising piano in our front room next to the road. He would wait there watching until I saw him out of the corner of my eye, then he would wave and smile at me. Such a kind and generous man, the image of his smile has stuck with me strongly since that time in 1972. Thank you for your ray of sunshine and genuine interest in others.

Lawrence Killian from Halifax (29 Aug 2015, 5.31pm)

I'm 60 now and I remember seeing The Jesus Man sometimes where I lived at White Cross, Guiseley when I was in my childhood. He was always kind and happy and had a lovely smile for me and everyone who came across him. It's only since reading that he has sadly passed on that I've known his name. A really wonderful and unique person who is sadly missed. RIP Geoffrey.

Tony Crooks from Leeds (29 Aug 2015, 4.14pm)

rip geoff. i remember seeing you passing my school in menston in the early 70's.god bless.

bob from huddersfield (29 Aug 2015, 1.23am)

An enigma to all. You've gone back home after finding the answers you've searched for, for over 40 years. ~RIP Geoff~ xx

Jodie Leanne from Ilkley (28 Aug 2015, 11.32pm)

You were serene and clearly content. You will be sorely missed. RIP x

Maggie from Halifax (27 Aug 2015, 11.22pm)

I have seen him many times walking along Bradford Road as I was growing up... Now you've made your final journey, R.I.P.

Kirsty Waterhouse from Brighouse (27 Aug 2015, 10.49pm)

R.I.P Jesus man you will be sadly missed by thousands of people.

shaun stone from bradford (27 Aug 2015, 10.28pm)

R.I.P geoff, i dont know one person from bradford that doesnt know this man. Always smiling and cheerful, brought bright ness to anyones day. God has truely gained an angel. X

Shona from Bradford (27 Aug 2015, 8.22pm)

A true gentleman, a kind, caring and devoted man. I can't believe we'll no longer see him everywhere. He'll be missed by everyone throughout West Yorkshire. RIP Geoffrey Brindley, Bradfords very special Jesus Man x

Mary-Louise from Halifax (27 Aug 2015, 8.12pm)

I first seen him when I was 10 39 years ago my daughter seen him in Newcastle once he came in the co op were I worked and got a Pork pie bless him x seen him loads of times seen him quit often at Pusey and Leeds road alwase had a smile and a wave for everybody rip Jesus man x

Josephine from baildon (27 Aug 2015, 5.34pm)

I first seen him when I was 10 39 years ago my daughter seen him in Newcastle once he came in the co op were I worked and got a Pork pie bless him x

Josephine from baildon (27 Aug 2015, 5.31pm)

First saw him around 1962 and shortly after watched him being arrested outside the old Roxy cinema,then a bingo hall, on Barkerend Road,where he had been dsclaiming gambling.Saw him and spoke to him many times after that on a regular basis. Very sad to hear of his passing. RIP

Mary from St Helens (ex Bradford) (27 Aug 2015, 2.29pm)

Time to put your feet up now your long walk is over and you found your god at last. We were blessed to have you for the time we did and Bradford won't be the same without you.

Rebecca sarna from leeds (27 Aug 2015, 1.25pm)

when i grew up round thornbury and leeds road he was always there just a man walking and waving and smiling, its amazing how something so simple stays in your mind and made everyones day when they saw him, a big icon for bradford r.i.p

craig smith from leeds (27 Aug 2015, 12.11pm)

I am now 50 and remember Jesus from being very small, he always had friendly smile & a wave, Rest in Peace

Julie from Keighley (27 Aug 2015, 11.19am)

Spotted you many times over the past 37 years-always waving and smiling! Rest in peace now.

Victoria from Guiseley (27 Aug 2015, 9.19am)

RIP Mr Brindley, you was a true legend xxx

claire brearley from bradford (27 Aug 2015, 9.04am)

Dear Geoffrey you will be sadly missed on highways and byways of Yorkshire. Rest in Peace xx

kathryn Phillips from Bradford (27 Aug 2015, 8.46am)

Rest in Peace Geoffrey, i grew up seeing your warm smile and as i grew older i would still see it. Although i don't live in Bradford anymore i will miss you and never forget you. You were a legend, Bradford loves you.

Gill from Bradford (27 Aug 2015, 7.35am)

Rest in peace. I was never able to come in personal contact with you, but you seem like you found a way to live life on your own terms, and I really respect that. You'll be missed.

Lucas from Chicago, USA (27 Aug 2015, 4.20am)

Rip what a legend you were god bless

Mark from Bradford (26 Aug 2015, 11.46pm)

A sad loss for the community, his smile and wave could always brighten up someones day. Rest in Peace Geoffrey

Matthew from Hull (26 Aug 2015, 10.49pm)

In the late 70s & early 80s, my Father was a Vicar in Bradford, & we lived in Frizinghall. We would often see the 'monk' on our travels around the area, & would frequently give him a lift in our car & enjoy a brief chat. Mr Brindley was always smiling & friendly, a lovely man.

Sarah from Oswestry (26 Aug 2015, 10.48pm)

A sad loss to everyone, he could stop traffic with a wave & a smile. Seen in all weathers', and once spotted him over in Crossgates. God bless to you sir & RIP

Everett from Farsley (26 Aug 2015, 10.07pm)

Mr Brindley you were part of my Childhood memories may your final journey lead you to your place in heaven. RIP

Marilyn Lonsdale was Thornton from Morecambe Lancashire (26 Aug 2015, 9.36pm)

So sad news. Saw him many times as I grew up in Bradford Rip

Steven pickup from Doncaster (26 Aug 2015, 9.19pm)

I'm so sorry that we won't see you walking about our streets any more. Bradford has lost a Legend. xx

Tina from Bradford (26 Aug 2015, 9.14pm)

Will be sadly missed. Such a genuine, humble ,sincere and lovely guy .He always had a smile and a wave for those he met. His life reflected that of Jesus something we all should aspire whether Christian or not. It reminded me of the words of the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 Love is patient, love is kind,it is not self seeking, it is not easily wronged. It rejoices in the Truth. Last time i saw him he was walking down Boothtown in to Halifax a few year ago. Rest in peace and God Bless.

Graham Taylor from Halifax (26 Aug 2015, 8.22pm)

I haven't lived in the area long and I only saw him once or twice, but I was told about him when I first moved here. It's sad to see such a good, honest, harmless man pass away - especially when he brought so much to so many, with such little.

Dan from Saltaire (26 Aug 2015, 7.53pm)

I first saw Geoffrey in 1965 at Odsal Top Bradford where we lived I remember him coming out of the local shop and he waved and smiled at me and my mum I had the biggest beam on my face and said to my mum Jesus has waved to me - I was only 5 but from then on I would regularly see him walking around different parts of the district waving and smiling as he went on his merry way - just about 4 months ago I saw him in the Great Horton area and I waved frantically to get his attention that simple wave and smile reducing to feeling like a giddy child - the cat that got the cream R.I.P.Geoffrey thank you for the wonderful memories you will always be in our hearts

Sheri Wolfenden from Halifax (26 Aug 2015, 5.21pm)

This is sad news. I have known Geoffrey since growing up in the 1960s and living in Bradford and Baildon. It is a tribute to the man that so many people feel that their lives were touched by his kindness and warmth, which will remain with us all. R.I.P.

Rob & Jo Merefield from Harrogate (26 Aug 2015, 4.10pm)

He was a very nice man so sad to hear he passed away r.i.p :(

Stacy and kids from bradford (26 Aug 2015, 3.08pm)

He was a great guy will miss him god bless r.I.p

Lisa and ian from Bradford (26 Aug 2015, 3.00pm)

RIP Geofrey, you will be missed by so many people. We've both lost count of the times we've had a smile and a cheery wave from you while we were living in Bradford and surrounding areas. Carry on walking!

Denise & Stephen Hall from Worksop (26 Aug 2015, 1.27pm)

We used to run after him as kids and ask where he was going, never stopped walking whilst talking and was always smiling. RIP.

Darren Walker from Leeds (26 Aug 2015, 12.57pm)

RIP Geoffrey - your smile and a wave always cheered us up even from afar and brief chats with you now & again helped put a bounce back in my step. You will be missed but I expect you will still be looking down on us all still smiling & waving.

Jas Kaur from Keighley, Bradford, (26 Aug 2015, 12.20pm)

:-( You will be sadly missed x

Bex from Bradford (26 Aug 2015, 12.15pm)

First time I saw you was 1966 I used to work in a coffe bar in town centre and have seen you many times through the years Won't be the same not seeing your smile and wave.R I P Bradford Jesus 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Christine from Bradford (26 Aug 2015, 11.51am)

Blessings Geoffrey, my the light always be on your face x

Caroline from Riddlesden (26 Aug 2015, 10.55am)

In the 70s, I used to see him as a child in Ilkley and to be honest thought he was a bit strange and odd; couldn't comprehend what he was all about. But over the next 3 decades my admiration and respect for him grew. He would always wave, always smile and then would just carry on going about his business, just walkin!. I doubt that there will be another Bradfordian who would be as recognisable. I now of course totally respect him for what he stood for and for the hearts he touched over the years.

AJ from Ilkley (26 Aug 2015, 10.36am)

In the late fifties and early sixties I was a lorry driver delivering to firms in Bradford, Leeds and Huddersfield. I would regularly see Geoffrey walking the roads. I remember his smile and the wave. I often wondered what had happened to him. RIP Geoffrey I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet you.

Allen Grant from Whitby. North Yorkshire. (26 Aug 2015, 10.24am)

RIP ❤️❤️

Jon E from london (26 Aug 2015, 9.53am)

R.I.P geoffrey you will be missed i always looked for you when i was out and about

joyce metcalfe from bradford (26 Aug 2015, 9.51am)

What an Icon - every one had heard of him and word spread when he had been seen about. Myth had it that he never aged and people aged 100 would say that they too waved at him when they saw him as a child! I got TWO waves from him for certain (but it could have been 3) - who ever said that I have nothing to boast about - Rest in peace MY friend!

Barbara Archer from Keighley (26 Aug 2015, 9.44am)

"Holy Joe" was a solid part of Bradford. As a child I would always wave when I saw him and get a cheery wave back. Even as a 44 year old visiting home it was the same and it was always a joy to see him. My visits back home will never be the same again. You've taken your last walk Mr Brindley. RIP.

Paul McNamara from Birmingham (26 Aug 2015, 9.17am)

May you rest in peace , although i never knew you personally , i knew you as i saw you most weeks travelling about , waving and smiling . There was not a soul in Bradford who didn't know of you, your journey has come to rest now, sleep well.

sara dutton from Bradford (26 Aug 2015, 9.15am)

What a lovely man who was seen by everyone walking and waving in peace Mr brindle a bradford icon now walking with the Angels

Martin mooney from Bradford (26 Aug 2015, 8.10am)

What a sad day for everyone in Bradford, with the passing of Mr Brindle, who can ever forget this man who had a smile for everyone , my kids used to wave to him if we were on the bus, he would wave back to everyone, and he was always ammaculte in his appearance, God bless

Rodney mason from Perth australia (26 Aug 2015, 2.57am)

i first saw Jesus man when he passed Drummond rd school in the early sixties he always had a smile on his face. He will be missed by so many people as he was a big part of our lives like friends & family you knew he was still around somewhere RIP

June darling from Shipley (25 Aug 2015, 11.39pm)

You brought many smiles to many people and many memories to all including me, you will be sadly missed by thousands! Bradford will be a different place now knowing that your smile won't be around the next corner. You'll never walk alone, Gone but not forgotten. Rest In Peace Geoffrey.

Matthew from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 11.26pm)

You always said you were looking for the answer....hope you found it journey...

Craig michael normington from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 10.55pm)

Rip Geoffrey You can give your tired feet a rest now , and exchange them for well deserved wings For the true angel you deserve to be 💓💓xx

Julie Booth from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 10.55pm)

Rest in peace Geoff will miss seeing you walking around bradford will be strange not seeing you around smiling and waving at people R.I P good man

Kelly myers from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 10.48pm)

Hope your at peace now x x x x

louise spalding from immingham (25 Aug 2015, 10.39pm)

Rip bradford jesus man,iv grown up watching him walk the streets of bradford the first time i seen him was when i was about 6 i asked my mother who is he she smiled and said jesus man and everytime i saw him i would get excited and would feel great, if i was upset he would cheer me up with his smile and walking, i often pulled my car over to offer him a lift he would always refuse and bless me which was priceless, I remember driving through town last year and seeing jesus man i horned stopped the car and right away put my window down and like a kid shouted jesus man how are you he smiled and waved and everyone i saw was waving at him, cars were horning it was like a celebrity was walking past he was electric The feeling was amazing i will never forget, i now have my own kid and when he is older i will tell him about the legendary jesus man that once walked the streets of bradford. I will always remember him and cherish every blessed moment i had seeing him i can picture his wave and smile as im writing this message, rip jesus man love you lots

Qasim from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 9.59pm)

Such a lovely man always a smile and a wave. rest in peace

theresa from bradford (25 Aug 2015, 9.58pm)

With fond memories of this lovely warm man who brought happiness to all who saw him. Rest In Peace.

Paul Cooke from London (25 Aug 2015, 9.51pm)

Rest in peace.. Remember you from being a small child , always walking and smiling and waving, it brought pleasure to so many..Hope wherever you are you are walking gentle roads with warm sunshine on your back !

JO Mackwell from bingley (25 Aug 2015, 9.36pm)

R I P to a legend, seen this man walking around West Yorkshire for 30 years or more, always waved and smiled,

paul wilson from mirfield (25 Aug 2015, 9.14pm)

I only been in Bradford for 16 years and he as always put a smile on my and the kids face's RIP Mr Brindley you will be missed by loads of people. Thank you

Darren Harper from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 8.02pm)

I remember him from 40 years ago walking passed my childhood home in Holmewood. And he has put a smile on my face everytime I have seen him since. To let him go without erecting a statue would be a crime.

Brett Walker from Brighouse (25 Aug 2015, 7.35pm)

The walking monk has been a part of our whole family history. My dad first saw him in the mid-60s when he worked in Bradford and the first person to spot him and wave when we saw him on car journeys was very pleased with themselves. Over the years we have regularly reported sightings to each other and been glad to see he was still going strong. He was last seen by my brother about a year ago on Leeds Road and, as usual, he smiled, waved back and carried on walking.

The Graham family from Ilkley, Bradford, Silsden, Horsforth and Leeds (25 Aug 2015, 7.27pm)

I left Bradford almost 40 years ago but have never forgotten "Geoffrey the Monk". Happy memories of this lovely man who always waved, smiled and said hello. A legend! R.I.P. x

Adele Ajimati from Doncaster (25 Aug 2015, 7.17pm)

Rest in Peace. You were a part of my childhood - I used to see you regularly whilst walking to Tong Comprehensive in the 1970's/80's - you always waved and said good morning - you made my day. I was really pleased to see you 2 years ago around the Keighley area - still smiling and waving. God Bless you from all my family.

Karen Nicholls from Skipton (25 Aug 2015, 6.29pm)

Thank you for the happy memories. RIP lovely man.

Paula from Skipton (25 Aug 2015, 6.16pm)

It doesn't seem real that some one who seems to have been around in your life forever has now gone. He brought so much joy to so many people just by a simple smile and a wave. He REALLY should be recognised for what he means to the people of Bradford. RIP Geoffrey, you will be missed by everyone.

Darren from Lytham St Annes ex Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 5.45pm)

Man of peace-everyone says the same. Spread peace and patience and tolerance wherever he went perhaps we could do the same?

Marie from Bedfordshire (25 Aug 2015, 5.26pm)

Rip geoff ill be thinking about you every day I can remember the day you was dancing to my children when the was playing in the garden and that was really lovely so I'm sat here thinking about you x

mark hague from bradford (25 Aug 2015, 5.15pm)

He will always be in my memories of childhood in 60s and 70s Bradford: spice, laiking, Polish Anna and waving at the Monk. RIP.

Jayne Hartley from Leeds (25 Aug 2015, 4.40pm)

R.I.P Geoffrey. Such a true legend. We should have a statue of you in the centre of bradford so you will never be forgotten :) Say hi to the big man for me and keep on smilin. see you in the next life mate

Jamie Myers from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 4.22pm)

Bradford wont be the same without you we will all miss that wave & smile you gave to us all as you walked the streets, i remember seeing you most mornings on my way to school and many yrs later as i took my kids to school , then past few yrs my grand kids too .r.i.p lovely Jesus man

Sharon wild from Thornton Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 4.07pm)

Bradford wont be the same without you we will all miss that wave & smile you gave to us all as you walked the streets, i remember seeing you most mornings on my way to school and many yrs later as i took my kids to school , then past few yrs my grand kids too .r.i.p lovely Jesus man

sharon from wild (25 Aug 2015, 4.05pm)

Always a joy to see Mr Brindley walking through Calverley with a smile and a wave...rain or shine so sad to think he has gone...RIP

Judy Cooper from Calverley (25 Aug 2015, 3.48pm)

My Dad used to wave at the guy back in the 70's when I was a teen, I have since regularly spotted the gut around the whole district. The world need characters like this gent !

Peter from Ilkley (25 Aug 2015, 3.06pm)

RIP Geoffrey. You are a true icon of Bradford and will be greatly missed. I have seen you around and about in the area ever since I was a school boy in the early 60's. Never saw you refuse to speak or wave to anyone who saw you. Once again RIP Geoffrey

Trevor Drake from BRADFORD (25 Aug 2015, 2.36pm)

Always remember you from my childhood. Smiling and waving to everyone regardless of who they were or what the weather was like. Glad my kids got to see you.Bradford will never be the same without you. Sad we won't get to see such an inspirational man. May you forever rest in peace.xxxxxx

Roze from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 1.47pm)

R.i.p you are such a kind hearted man I remember u as a child seen u walking all over. So many story's of u. You brought so much happiness n smiles to each and every person u met. Fly high with all the beautiful angels up there.. god bless.. you will be missed by so many people xxx

Natalie munson from bradford (25 Aug 2015, 12.38pm)

Sad to hear you have gone R.I.P❤️❤️

Prabhdeep kaur from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 12.34pm)

Rest in peace, you will be greatly missed. Bradford wont be the same without you.

Jass from bradford (25 Aug 2015, 12.29pm)

A guy of character greatly loved by millions greatly missed just brilliant man r i p jesus man love joyce schofield

Joyce schofield from Brighouse and previous wyke (25 Aug 2015, 11.39am)

I first saw Geoff around in 1966 when I came to work in Bradford and the surrounding area. I was amazed how many times in a week I would see him, regardless of the weather conditions. I remember his being arrested about the Bingo incident and the outrage that followed that, considering the wealth of real 'criminals' walking the streets then. My condolences go to his family and I sincerely hope he is walking in the most wonderful and heavenly place now. RIP, Geoffrey Brindley.

Janet Mason from bradford (25 Aug 2015, 11.36am)

you will be missed by lots of people i still remember you wen i was a kid now my kids have meet you really r lovely man will always remember jesus man hope everyone works together to give you the best send off ever R.I.P to the one and only x x x jesus man x x x

wincey sheridan from brighouse (25 Aug 2015, 11.18am)

you will be missed by lots of people i still remember you wen i was a kid now my kids have meet you really r lovely man will always remember jesus man hope everyone works together to u you best send off ever R.I.P to the one and only x x x jesus man x x x

wincey sheridan from brighouse (25 Aug 2015, 11.12am)

Always a smile and a wave. We will miss you.

Mike Yeadon from Yeadon (25 Aug 2015, 11.02am)

Bradford Jesus man, you smiled and waved every day on my way home from school, you have been a staple in my life for 25 years, you were truly sent to do the work of god, and to help us all be better people. your smile lit up the roads and streets of bradford, for childeren, motorists, elderly people, and generally people who just needed an uplift to thier day, god decided he needed you back by his side to continue you work. Your now one of his angels, and will continue to do good in a better place. Rest in peace.

Gena from Bradford/Leeds (25 Aug 2015, 10.29am)

Going to miss the occasional sighting of Geoffrey in Bradford. A good man gone.

John Sargent from Haworth (25 Aug 2015, 10.22am)

I first bumped into this man in 1976 in Frizinghall. After that he always waved or if we happened to be on the same side of the street, he would say hello. I always felt uplifted from those brief encounters.

Richard Hayter from Harrogate (25 Aug 2015, 10.00am)

It would be really nice to have a fund set up so, we could have a memorial statue of bradfords Jesus man.waving at us all for always. He always brighten up any day, with his wave and cheerry smile. RIP

Simon from Barnsley (25 Aug 2015, 9.54am)

You gave many people my family included a little piece of yourself every time you smiled and waved as you walked by. You deserve your rest, walk with the Angels.

Elizabeth Waddington from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 8.55am)

i have seen Mr Brindley walk around since 1964 until 2015. He would always say hi and smile when he went past. A great man who lived a simple life. He will be greatly missed, May his soul rest in peace.

mohammed rafiq from bradford (25 Aug 2015, 7.37am)

Another piece of my childhood died today ! I'm 52 and "The Monk" has always been there with his happy smile and a wave. I will still keep an eye out for him as I'm driving around ... RIP - Yorkshire Legend.

David P from Leeds (25 Aug 2015, 7.32am)

You made Bradford brighter. Your constant cheer and genuinely pleasant demeanour is one of my favourite things about the city, you will forever be a piece of my childhood. Such a wonderful human being.

Michael from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 1.49am)

Bradford won't be the same without you. Rest in peace. xxx

Hardeep K from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 12.17am)

RIP brought so much happiness to so many people and so many generations simply by waving, smiling and being you ! You will be sadly missed x x

Lesley Shew from Bradford (25 Aug 2015, 12.15am)

May you rest in peace such a legend you will be missed by many people xx

Becci from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 11.50pm)

Such a special man and he probably hadn't a clue what influence had in the people of Bradford. I am 61 and he would visit regularly to put the world to rights with my dad. He also once came to my religious education class in school to tell us about his life and answer questions. Humble, brave, kind we won't see his kind again in BradfordBradford. RIP

Sharon Rushworth from Cleckheaton (24 Aug 2015, 11.39pm)

May u rest in peace Jesus Man U will be sadly missed by many , including my son a few years ago u patted him on his head he always remembers 😇

Nicola milan from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 11.25pm)

Such a great loss! The happiest man I've seen! Always a smile on his face and brought a smile to everyone he met! Truly is a Bradford Icon! Hope the streets in heaven are good for walking! Rest in Peace.

George Brabin from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 11.09pm)

Such a sad loss for the city as a whole. A man who could bring a smile on sight with a wave and often a little dance. Will miss seeing him around :(

Carl Marsden from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 10.35pm)

Always a smile and always a wave. You will be missed. Rest In Peace

Janine Whitaker from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 10.30pm)

RIP The mad mink as we used to call you as kids. I remember you from the late 80s walking in between Keighley and Bradford. I remember asking my mum so many questions. Why does he walk? What has he got in his satchel? I never found the answer to these questions Thanks for waving and bringing happiness to so many people.

Rachel from Keighley (24 Aug 2015, 10.23pm)

Seen him on the streets for a good part of 40 years. :(

Mohammed I from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 10.19pm)

...legend indeed...though i live hundreds of miles away now i will never forget your smile and wave as you passed through brigouse on your travels...dont think ive ever seen such a happy calm will be missed mr brindley...peace xxx

audrey wade from glasgow (24 Aug 2015, 10.17pm)

Legend. What an amazing man. I live 50 miles away, and he made such an impact on me.

Neil H from Doncaster (24 Aug 2015, 10.08pm)

I will miss you being around i have know of you all my live you will be missed by thousands

tina from Leeds (24 Aug 2015, 10.07pm)

I always loved to wave and get a wave back from Geoffrey. True legend of Bradford. Rest in peace.

Lindsay Dyson from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 9.32pm)

Of my hometown's many itinerant eccentrics, Jesus-Man/ The Wandering Monk was by far the nicest, and whenever my family saw him, we'd mention it happily. He's seemingly always been here, and in my childhood mind, he WAS God - everywhere, and offering smiles and kindness to all. Rest in Peace, Mr Brindley- from the A650 to the pearly gates!

Krysia from Sheffield (24 Aug 2015, 9.08pm)

Gutted.... My dad always said he remembers him walking around in the olden days.. Looked exactly the same. It would make my day seeing him out and about. Feel like part of my childhood has died too. Would be honoured to go to the funeral.

Sam Britton from Brighouse (was Bradford) (24 Aug 2015, 9.03pm)

Will sadly missed missed by ever one . My father gave him a new pair of Jesus sanders .stoped the car and handed them through the window , over 40 years ago

Hazel Smithson from Brig house (24 Aug 2015, 8.52pm)

Rest in peace. You will always be remembered with a smile and remind me of home.

Steph Allen from London (24 Aug 2015, 8.48pm)

Gonna miss random sightings of this local legend, he probably saw more things than most people ever will through his many travels. RIP Geoffrey Brindley, I don't believe in your heaven but you lived well. You can rest those legs now.

Dan Cranmer from Wrose (24 Aug 2015, 8.46pm)

Rest in peace. You will so was be remembered with a smile and remind me of home.

Steph Allen from London (24 Aug 2015, 8.46pm)

i am now 52 and remember jesus man from being a kid, always smiling and waving. RIP mr brindley, you are a happy memory Alan

alan clifton from shipley (24 Aug 2015, 8.24pm)

Goodbye Bradfords favourite son x (waves ) x

Kim lee from Keighley (24 Aug 2015, 7.52pm)

RIP and rise in Glory! I was a teenager in the 60's and used to see him a lot around Bradford. My late father would talk with him and he once called at our home on the council estate Holmewood. He was seen all over the place and I was always amazed he walked so far and where he slept, ate and went to the toilet? All these things fascinated me about him. A truly good man who always had a smile and a wave. A rare person in todays world. God Bless him.

Maggie Thorpe from Cyprus (24 Aug 2015, 7.41pm)

A really lovely bloke who always waved hello. He'll be truly missed in Bradford.

Beth from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 7.37pm)

R.I.P Geoffrey, A true living legend, will be missed by so many. Hope you have a lovely service you definitely deserve, fly high :'( xx

Sinead from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 7.34pm)

A true Bradford legend RIP Jesus man. You will never be forgotten x

Vicki from Huddersfield (24 Aug 2015, 7.28pm)

The school bus would take us from our school to the field for games and P.E. (Ilkley to Ben Rhydding) We would see Geoffrey frequently waling along side of the road always waving and smiling, we would always be lookingout for him ~ a true legend

Mayor Mark Vicary from Genoa, IL (Chicago) (24 Aug 2015, 7.27pm)

I'm so sorry that you have left us and hope that where you are now is the sort of heaven that you wished for. I never spoke to you but was always glad to see you around, making people happy.

David Austin from Brighouse (24 Aug 2015, 7.22pm)

Always time for a smile and a wave, just brightened up the day.

Stephen Gardner from Leeds (24 Aug 2015, 7.18pm)

You were the only thing I missed about Bradford, and the only thing I looked forward to when I visited. RIP smiling, waving monk with the oh so kind face. You will be *so* missed. xxx

Kay from Halifax (24 Aug 2015, 7.07pm)

RIP Geoffrey you were a true Bradford legend!

Mr Mo from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 6.25pm)

I was born and raised in Wyke, Bradford and as a child out and about it brought great joy when we saw the Jesus Man and when he waved back well that was just the best. An Icon of Bradford has been lost and will be sadly missed. x

Christine Anne Speight from Winsford Cheshire (24 Aug 2015, 6.10pm)

R.i.p Geoffrey. Your smile and little jump will be missed greatly! You always brought a smile to me and my brothers face!

SFM from Leeds (24 Aug 2015, 6.05pm)

RIP Geoffrey. Always a happy smiling face. You will be missed😊

stephen rodgers from halifax (24 Aug 2015, 5.57pm)

Just always seems to have been a part of Bradford. RIP . . . . . say "hello" to Russian Annie.

Kevin Westerman from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 5.55pm)

Rest in peace Geoffrey you will be so sadly missed in Bradford and elsewhere. You were part of all the childhood memories of everyone that grew up in Bradford. You will be in my prayers. Xx

Samantha Burden from Walsall (24 Aug 2015, 5.52pm)

Met him when I was very young, never seen him since, bet he had a hell of a life, no worries or anything just wandering around his whole life. Home he died peacefully.

Aaron from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 5.52pm)

god bless him many happy memories from being a kid seing hom walk all around bradford and west yorks always smiling and waving 😁✋🏻

michael j from bradford (24 Aug 2015, 5.49pm)

Very sad news to hear of the death of a Bradford icon. We grew up in the 60s in Bradford often seeing Geoffrey walking up Thornton Rd and past our house in Fairweather Green. The end of an era...

GILL HOPKINSON & CAROL HAR from LONDON (24 Aug 2015, 5.37pm)

R.I.P. to a gentle man who walked and walked with a smile and a wave. God bless x

carol b from halifax (24 Aug 2015, 5.37pm)

RIP. Always smiled and waved. Generations of people from Bradford & surrounding areas were touched by his smile.

Jimmy Dean from Yarm (24 Aug 2015, 5.35pm)

So sorry to hear of the death of this lovely man... RIP

Liz Cockcroft from Brighouse (24 Aug 2015, 5.27pm)

R.I.P Geoffrey always put a smile on everyone in Bradford we`ve lost our only jesus now god has called him home god bless

Steven from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 5.24pm)

God Bless, a true legend who touched us all. It always felt like being blessed seeing you, you made everyone happ,no matter what colour or creed xx

Rosie Horsfield from Brighouse (24 Aug 2015, 5.19pm)

The only smile in a miserable city has gone. Forever in our hearts

leah harriss from bradford (24 Aug 2015, 5.14pm)

RIP Geoffrey you were a true Bradford legend

Deborah Montgomery from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 4.53pm)

The lights are being turned out one by one.

Jonathan Davies from Ilkley (24 Aug 2015, 4.50pm)

Very tragic news. RIP Geoffrey Brindley.

Hasan from Halifax (24 Aug 2015, 4.46pm)

Such sad news sorry to hear this may you rest in peace sir - your wanderings and journey is now at an end and you can sit at your father's side and rest now

Sandra from Hemsworth, Yorkshire (24 Aug 2015, 4.41pm)

Bye bye Bradford Jesus man. Thanks for all the waves 👋🏽

Fiona Simpson from London (24 Aug 2015, 4.31pm)

RIP Sir. Very sad to here the news today. Its like a part of my childhood and youth has just been taken away. He always had a smile and a wave for people and brought brightness to an otherwise dull day.

Paul Mann from Tyersal (24 Aug 2015, 4.26pm)

RIP. I can't believe that you have gone. You always had a smile on your face and it was definitely a highlight of my month if we managed to spot you. Such a shame that little children won't have the pleasure of seeing you. Your memory and story will live on though.

Sam from Aberdeen (24 Aug 2015, 4.23pm)

Growing up it was always fun to see jesusman walking through the town. As kids we thought him a weirdo - now - just a peaceful, lovely man with the power to unite us all. I hope Bradford, it's dignitaries and others recognise this and celebrate a true local legend.

Christopher Button from Halifax (24 Aug 2015, 4.23pm)

Rip legend more good local characters the better!

Mark from South elmsall (24 Aug 2015, 4.22pm)

Sad to hear the news, he was always a nice friendly person, he would have a wave for us, the occasional chit chat, always positive, polite,and a knowledgeable person if you took time to talk to him. RIP.

Tony C from Burley in Wharfedale. (24 Aug 2015, 4.22pm)

Rest in Peace Geoffrey, Jesus of Bradford. The Angels came to take you home, may you walk the streets of Heaven in love and light. X

Carolyn from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 4.21pm)

Like the Queen, the 'Mad Monk' has been part of my life whilst growing up in the Bradford area. Then living in half Scotland/half Yorkshire- was always glad to see him on my return 'home'. His inspirational smile & wave was always a comfort & great to see. When he was younger, with this, he might well have solved the current Middle East Crisis... RIP Mr Brindley. GRYS.

JB from Turriff/Thackley (24 Aug 2015, 4.08pm)

J such a lovely man. I always gave him a bit of food or whatever. He was lovely. N will be missed. He was j there. Every so often you would see him

Barb from Brid (24 Aug 2015, 4.07pm)

RIP Geoffrey Brindley, (1927-2015).

Ebony from Queensbury (24 Aug 2015, 4.00pm)

R.I.P Jesus Man. I've known you since the 1960's, it was always great to get a wave and a smile.

Jelica Holmes from Shipley (24 Aug 2015, 3.56pm)

Sad news. Thoughts with the family of a man who brought joy to many.x

Emma M from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 3.52pm)

R.I.P Geoffrey you can Rest now. Thoughts with your wife and Children, family and Friends xxx🌹 Rose

Rose Haddlesey from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 3.46pm)

RIP Geoffrey so sad that all the children of Bradford won't have memories that I have of him when I was growing up

Sharon Davy from Bedale (24 Aug 2015, 3.46pm)

Sad to hear of his passing

Ihsan from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 3.46pm)

RIP geoff, It is indeed the end of an era...

John smith from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 3.44pm)

Remeber you walking along smiling and waving such a lovely man Rip now xx

Sue sidebottom from Barnsley but brought up in Halifax (24 Aug 2015, 3.43pm)

He changed the way I looked at Bradford. Shame I never met him. RIP

Reuben Jones from Blackburn (24 Aug 2015, 3.41pm)

RIP - A true gentleman. Always a smile

Charlie from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 3.39pm)

Very sad news. It's been a pleasure to spot Mr Brindley over the years. Rest in Peace.

MaFt from Bradford (24 Aug 2015, 3.27pm)

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