Do You Know Where I Am?

Latest sighting:
Duckworth Lane (17th Aug, 12.00pm)
Submitted by 'Elaine'

Welcome to, the only site set up specifically to log the whereabouts of this local legend.


Whether you call him 'Mad Monk', 'Bradford Jesus Man', 'Bradford Monk', 'Jesus Man', 'Holy Joe' or just 'That Old Bloke Who Always Waves at Everyone And Wears a Satchel Round His Neck and Jesus Sandals on His Feet' you are more than welcome here.


You can either browse our map and see where he has been spotted recently or, if you see him yourself, locate it on the map and join in the fun.


Latest Updates

24th August 2015: RIP Mr Brindley, The Bradford Jesus Man. Feel free to sign the Book of Condolence for you to share your memories.


17th August 2015: Unfortunately Mr Brindley has been taken into the BRI having suffered a stroke. Please see the T&A website here: 'Bradford Jesus Man' Geoffrey Brindley critically ill after suffering a stroke in stairs fall


24th May 2013: It's been a while since I last posted anything here but then again there's not really been any news. He's still going strong and there's a steady stream of sightings being reported.


30th April 2012: He's not dead. STOP EMAILING ME! I ALREADY KNOW!


29th April 2012: There are a lot of rumours (from differet sources) that Mr Brindley sadly died yesterday. The majority say he had a heart attack, one even stating the time of 5.37pm. I have not been able to confirm the validity of these! Plus, people have reported sightings today!


21st March 2012: Sightings and Submissions are now separate! You can view all the sightings of BJM without having the submission form in the way. Click on any icon on the map and the sighting details will be shown below the map. Enjoy!


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